Paloneo 2024 - Is this the start of a Davos for the next generation of young leaders?

May 30, 2024
Rittergut Remeringshausen

The Vanagon team was invited to join the ultimate antidote event that might be destined to become the WEF of a new generation of leaders. Why it was different as most of the events and summits we have been to and why it resonates so well with Vanagon's mission:

Paloneo is a member-owned platform established in 2021 by students from the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, and St. Gallen.Its main objective is to foster a culture of impact by enabling the trusted exchange of culture, ideas, and capital among its members, who are primarily rising leaders under the age of 40.

This is how Paloneo Summits are run:

❌No keynote speakers but ✅ Community-led learning circles
❌No staged panel discussions but ✅ Deep conversations and knowledge transfer
❌ No 1000+ visitors ✅ Small, high-profile community
❌Large event venue in a crowded city ✅ Tucked away hideaway in the German countryside

As Ludolf on of the Co-Founders and organizational mastermind of the Summit asked us to facilitate an Impact Circle on ‘Nature as an Asset Class,’ we also wrapped my head around how to structure content and discussions in a way that is inclusive and engaging for a diverse set of backgrounds. We ran the session together in an open and participatory setup, exchanging ideas and thoughts on barriers that are slowing us down from transitioning from an exploitative, linear, and fragile economic system towards a regenerative, circular, and resilient one. We shared our group discussion outcomes back with the whole Paloneo community afterwards - the right incentive schemes, education, and de-ideologizing the conversations were some of the key points discussed in the circle.

As Paloneo - als Vanagon as an investment firm was built upon a group of people convinced, that with this new family of emerging frontier technologies we can create a better tomorrow, together.  We still feel the vibrance and gratefulness from the Paloneo community, and I am so excited to see where the Paloneo x Vanagon journey will take us.