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Ratings, Deep Transparency for nature-based Solutions




Deep Transparency for nature-based carbon projects. Renoster Systems is a research company that focuses on providing climate sensing technology and remote data in nature preserves.

We are advancing climate solutions with next-generation carbon market transparency, including bringing a global project database, price vs quality tools and more publicly released carbon projects.

Corporations are increasingly committed to sustainability and climate goals, and many are turning to carbon offset markets as part of their strategy. With the recent VCMI Claims Code of Practice announcements, much was made of how companies can use offsets, and high-quality credits were lauded as the benchmark for what should be used. However, there was little to no guidance on what a high-quality credit actually looks like. The lack of transparency and trustworthiness in these markets often hinder their efforts. This is where Renoster steps in. Renoster offers unprecedented levels of transparency and quality verification for carbon offset projects, allowing companies to confidently invest in impactful, legitimate projects.

The Story behind

Renoster, at its core, is a technology company dedicated to developing cutting-edge software and data platforms for the carbon markets. Our mission is to rebuild the deep trust in these markets. In Renoster's first year,they've already taken significant strides. Reviewed 170 forestry projects, equating to more than 400M nature-based credits through their flagship product, Mercury Rubric. Renoster has released 5 reviews publicly, equating to 24M credits under review, and they aim to add many more in the coming months.

Their emphasis lies heavily on remote sensing, independence from project developers and sharing how they rate projects. Together, we are rewriting the future and bringing deep transparency to the world's carbon projects. It is our firm belief that carbon holds the potential to preserve and restore nature for generations to come.

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