The Landbanking Group

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Eco Fintech

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The Landbanking Group, is building the end to end infrastructure for nature as an asset class. The company combines latest technologies to assess nature along four defined dimensions (carbon, water, soil & biodiversity) to create individual natural capital accounts. They serve as underlying for Landbanking claims that can be assetized and traded.

The Story behind

The Landbanking Group is the culmination of a lifetime of work by its founders, Sonja and Martin Stuchtey. Sonja is the established technology investor and social entrepreneur behind the educational initiative “ScienceLab”, and the pro-democracy platforms Alliance4Europe and Disarm. Martin is a former Senior and Managing Partner of McKinsey & Co. where he led the global sustainability activities, the founder of the systems change company SYSTEMIQ, and professor for industrial systems in transition at Innsbruck University. Parents to six children, Sonja's and Martin's personal journey has given them the reason and the expertise - in resource economics, societal change and technology. But it was their role as owners of an organic family farm in Austria that gave them the inspiration behind The Landbanking Group. As they watched the area surrounding their farm slowly degrading by unsustainable land-use practices, the couple came to a profound conclusion—the only way to protect nature is to give it identity and a value.

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